REIMAGINE 40 day Devotional

 40 Ways to simplify in order to MULTIPLY

Often we imagine a devotional to be an encouraging and inspirational book that helps us to think about God.  What if I told you that a devotional book was intended to create a devotional life? These 40 lessons help you begin the process of developing a devotional life. Maybe you will choose to read one entry every day for 40 days or maybe the Lord will lead you in a different direction. However you travel through these lessons, incline your ear to what God is calling you to reimagine in your life. 

We are confident that the work God has begun in you will be completed. There is a refurbished vision, a renewed joy, and a reignited passion for your life if you will just reimagine. This is your year to not only reimagine LIFE but to reimagine YOU. 


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